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The history of Gucci starts with the operation of Gucci Gucci in Florence in 1921. Gucci's products that provided high quality leather goods incorporating European advanced city culture quickly gained popularity. Following the success in Florence, in 1938 it opened in Rome. In addition, in 1947, a Bamboo handle bag symbolizing Gucci was born, after which a webbing striped bag, a metal bit moccasin, etc. were born one after another. We will expand its popularity and scale. Succeeded opening stores in big cities such as Paris and London and New York away from Europe. Actively develop the GG logo with the motif of Gucci Gucci 's initials, and in the 1960' s will be at the height of a world - class luxury brand.

In the 1980 's, the popularity of the Gucci clan conflict triggered the popularity slump, and it was driven to the point of bankruptcy. After that, in 1989 the management team was renewed, Tom Ford became the creative director in 1994. I will announce the collection that reminds me of Gucci 's heyday, and succeed in regenerating Gucci.

In 2005, Frida Giannini became the creative director. We incorporate a radical design into the wristwatch, and we are announcing unique models one after another. It is a brand whose eyes can not be withdrawn from the trend.


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The history of the world's most famous brand "LOUIS VUITTON" that began with opening a travel bag specialty shop in Paris was founded 154 years ago. The fact that the trunk of the original LOUIS VUITTON won the silver prize at the Paris World Expo and was noticed by the nobles is a famous story, but fortunate for him was that the sons who succeeded also had talent is.

Georges Vuitton, who became the 2nd ranking owner, invented a monogram canvas that everyone knew and was a leading figure spreading LOUIS VUITTON throughout the world. My grandson Gaston developed soft canvas which is the material of the monogram bag. Then, a turning point for further evolution comes. In 1997, Mark Jacobs was appointed as Artistic Director to advance into apparel field. LOUIS VUITTON who started collection presentation in pret - a - porter by him has grown into a brand fighting top in apparel industry with rare talent like Mark and family management capability. In 2002, Tambour Watch Collection was finally born from LOUIS VUITTON and entered the watch industry with full satisfaction. In 2005, the Speedy Watch Collection was born, and in 2008 the Amplify Watch Collection was born. Also, in this year LOUIS VUITTON opened in Matsuya Ginza. It is a brand steadily penetrating in the field of wristwatches.

Christian Dior

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Dior's model shines with a sharp design

Christian Dior became independent in 1946 with the aid of cotton king Marcel Bou Sac who stopped his talent working at the Lucian-Leron maison, "Christian Dior Haute Couture Maison" was born.

Debuted in the spring and summer 1947 Paris collection. I suggested a new silhouette one after another, and led the fashion of the 50's. After that, in 1957 after the death of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent was chosen as chief designer at the youth of 21 years old. After that, Marc Boin was appointed in 60 years and was in charge of design until 1989.

Inherited with Jean Franco Ferre in 1989, John Galliano became a designer since 1996, 50 years since the foundation of Dior. Jean Franco Ferre, John Galliano succeeded in incorporating the modern into the traditional Dior's "silhouette" and playing Dior as a trend setter.

The design that makes you feel Esprit in Paris is also followed by a wristwatch. Popular with a design that is not influenced by the fashion, Christian Dior's watch also got a high reputation. What kind of wristwatch will appear this season, it is a very fun brand. Let's expect that new works will be released that will betray the fans' expectations in a good way.