Rolex brothers brand!

Tudor was born in the 1930s by the hands of Hans Virus Rodolf, Rolex founder in Switzerland. The trigger of the birth of the Tudor brand was born in the concept of offering at a low price as Rolex sale in the UK was bad due to the high price of selling price. The origin of the brand name Tudor is taken from the royal family "Tudor family" who will not have an unknown person in the UK. As a Rolex brothers brand, Tudor has established its position. Their high functionality is proven in Rolex.

Roger Dubui

It is thirteen years since Roger Dubuis came out this year. One model 28 limitations, and a unique design. From the beginning clear direction was established, the movement gradually shifted to in-house development and manufacturing. Currently, 9 lines are deployed. The latest model also has limited qualities and SS is 888 pieces, and the combination model is limited production model of 280 pieces. Rareness, if you want a limited model Roger Dubuis is determined.


Cog is a designer by Cosimo Gucci, whose grandfather is Gucci Gucci, the founder of Gucci. It is an Italian brand that creates history, tradition, and innovative art, and is a brand that constantly pursues innovative challenges while looking ahead of the times. I make use of the fashion brand likeness to the design of the wrist watch and create a variety of models. I'm looking forward to seeing what models will appear in the current fiscal year.

Beta & Company

Geneva's cutting-edge watch brand, Veda & Company. Simone Veda and his son Christian Veda made the family name "BEDAT" a brand name. In just a couple of years since its establishment in 1996, it was chosen as a highly respectable "brand to have" by the US fashion editor. It continues to attract many people with modal and classical design and excellent quality even after Japan landing.


In 1941, the coach started the first step as a leather accessory studio in New York. In 1996, Tomy · Hilfiger welcomes Lead Krakow, who was in charge of designing, marketing, etc. In 2001, I signed a contract with Swiss "Mobood Group" and released "Watch Collection". Swiss made high performance movement, comfortable leather strap, stylish case, bracelet gained evaluation.

Emporio Armani

A watch full of sense designed by the master of the mode world appeared!

In 1975, Giorgio Armani was founded with Sergio Galotti. In 1981, we will announce the second line "Emporio Armani". Reigning at the cutting edge of the mode world, famous as a perfectionist, it is called "Maestro di Maestro" and develops its own majestic stance. From spring and summer 2005, participate in the Paris collection on the "ARMANI PRIVE (Armani · Preve)" line. In February 2007 Arumani himself suggested retirement of designers, the future brand is drawing attention. Watch has many men 's - like designs, it can be said that it seems to be Armani.


Tiffany's watch popular in Japan appears

In 1937, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young opened a store "Tiffany & Young" stationery and accessories store in New York. In 1850, "Tiffany Reed & Co." opened in Paris. In 1851, acquired a business of New York 's silverworker, John C. Moore. It was 1961 that Audrey Hepburn played the leading role "Holly in Tiffany's" Breakfast was released. Since this movie, Tiffany's popularity spread worldwide. Currently we are actively releasing wrist watches which made use of the design capabilities cultivated in jewelry.