【Store introduction】 LA JOUR (La Joule)

Introduce a shop in a brand bargain store
【LA · JOUR】 (La Joule)
【Open day】 October 12
【Operating company name】 La Joule
【Administrative person's name】 Kamijima Tadashi
[Handling Item] LOUIS VUITTON


This shop specializes in LOUIS VUITTON. We handle many Louis Vuitton products as well as standard products.

We also buy at the actual store, making it a shop familiar with Louis Vuitton.


【store information】

・ Postal code / 399-0706

・ Store address: Hirookahara Nitta, Shiojiri City, Nagano Pref. 215-4 Respoire 21 1F

・ Business hours / 10:00 to 18:00

・ Fixed holiday / Fixed holiday


You can see the products of La Joule from here.