Omega watches favorite Hollywood celebrities

Omega is a well-established luxury wrist watch manufacturer of Switzerland founded in 1848 and currently belongs to the Swatch group. It is recognized as an Olympic Official Watch because of the excellent accuracy of the mounted movement, it is known as a watch worn by an astronaut. Although it is a wrist watch frequently used by many professionals, there are many loyal users also in overseas celebrities. So, here I would like to introduce the Omega watches Hollywood stars representing overseas celebrities wearing in Plat Eve or in theater.
First of all, it is Speed ​​Master Professional, one of the models that represent Omega. The fine year may be different, but Tom Hanks has favorite this watch. Speedmaster has played an important role in returning the miracle of Apollo 13, a legendary watch has enthusiasts all over the world. Even now, NASA's astronauts are obliged to wear a speed master during extravehicular activities.
Although the case diameter is slightly larger than the female model, the omega watch emphasizes the fitting feeling, and it is wonderful for women to use, because it is designed with rounded corners of the case.