Popular celebrity favorite watch ~ Women's compilation ~

Overseas celebrities whose beauty and fashion are drawing attention from all over the world. The women of the world are curiously interested in what items they love.
Let's introduce the wrist watches that they love this time.

First is "Chanel" which is one of the most popular brands among celebrities.
It is a familiar luxury brand that Coco Chanel has developed. The "female statue not bound by the old values" is the brand policy, it is exactly right for the now independent women. I tried picking up some of Chanel 's watches.

First of all, "Premiere"
While simple but feminine and beautiful this watch, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie etc is patronized.

Also from Chanel, "J12"
This one is very attractive one with a femininity like Chanel though it is casual and easy to use impression. Scarlett Johansson, Kirsten Dunst, Blake · Livly and etc are patronizing.

The next brand to check is ROLEX, which has established a solid position as a luxury watch brand.
ROLEX, a Swiss brand founded in 1905. One of the popularity is its fashionability that makes women learn while wearing the wonder of the function and the ruggedness of making. Let me introduce some of the wristwatches who are captivating women from all over the world.

First of all, "Datejust"
The datejust combining its beautiful design and function that is not influenced by fashion is exactly a classic watch. I also love Lindsay Lohan and others.

Next we will introduce "Oyster Perpetual"
Fashionable watch with simple but still presence. It seems that Emily Brandt is using it regularly.

In addition, there are many celebrities who love watches for the Rolex mens line. To women it is very fashionable to get a feeling of coming out by daring a little big men's.

Rihanna, Jennifer · Annstone, Hilary Duff etc are favorite gold "Day Date"

Rosie Huntington · Whitley's favorite is "Daytona"

Victoria Beckham is also known as the Rolex freak, seems to frequently wear the Daytona chronograph and so on.

What did you think. Besides, Bulgari and

Audemars Piguet

There seems to be very popular.

How about trying out a sample of a lifetime object's watch, that adorable celebrities?