Colorful colors with Calfskin in autumn attire

Fall fashion with many calm colors. Have you tended to become sober kode "I want a little more glamorous" Have you ever thought so? At that time, you can rely on Calfskin. Just add it to your usual corde, and the whole impression will be gorgeous. Because it is coordinated in one point, it is also recommended for adult women who prefer chic attire. There are a variety of arrangement methods, and having only one will make it fun to choose a season's corde.
This time, I will introduce four types of Hermes Calfskin, which is perfect for such an autumn outfit.


The bright orange attracts you here, Calfskin. Large-scale geometric pattern is Oriental, atmosphere like a foreign resort. The black tip is a point that tightens the overall impression.
This is a Twilly type that is said to have been fired by Hermes. The sense of long and compact size is easy to handle. Corde wound around the neck of course, of course, just put it quickly on the heel and wrist before going out, you can raise the degree of fashion. Because it can be used as a belt, it is also interesting as a starting point for Corde when you want to emphasize the waist. Let's enjoy free arrangement in combination with your fashion.


2. Point toe

The ever-popular pattern "BRIDES de GALA" is designed in a silhouette style here. The basic color is pretty pink, but the low saturation red produces a calming impression, and it is a feminine design that is adult feminine. If you add it to a simple look, you will be pretty cute, not too much.
Triangular Calfskin is easy to use, and can be used not only for the standard triangular winding but also for winding long and thin like a Twilly type. In the transitional season of the season, it is nice to be able to put on like a stall and use it for temperature control. You can put it in a bag before going out and put it lightly if you think it may be a bit chilly.


3. Carre

Speaking of Hermes's Calfskin, Carre is a staple. One is the item you want to have. A cute item with a pink and red logo ribbon pattern. The white base is full of cleanliness. The overall gentle impression design makes the fall simple fashion a soft impression.
This is a handkerchief sized smaller design. It is just good convenience that can be rolled quickly when you want to use. It can also be used like a winding Twirl-type short willy. You can tie it to the neck, tie it to a hair knot that has been put together with a rubber elastic, and put a little effort on the slightly cuteness Plats. It is recommended that the elegant base white be combined with the gold blaze Rubbed t and bangle when winding it on the wrist.


4. Rosande

The bright yellow one looks bright just by wearing it. Because it contains light orange, brown and green, it is easy to be familiar with autumn fashion. It is the first time to introduce Calfskin into the autumn Corde, it is also recommended for those who.
Distinctive Pleated design with Wrinkles processing that seems to have been repeated. It is a special process Calfskin which is not seen very much except Hermes. If you say "Scalfskin is already familiar and familiar with it", adopt a design different from the standard and set it apart from others.