Affordable Rolex for less than 500,000 yen

The ROLEX watch has a very high quality image. It is a leading watch brand in the world with a history of over 100 years. Some of them are the tallest and cost close to 10 million yen. One of the people will want a high-class watch. However, if it is too expensive to handle it, I will give up. Therefore there is a watch of ROLEX which can be purchased for less than 500,000 yen.

1. Datejust

First of all, I would like to recommend a watch of the kind called Datejust 1601. This watch is a silver and mature design. There are many situations where it is difficult to use a flashy design as an adult. If it is Silver, it can be used anytime and it is for men's, but it is recommended even if a woman gives it. The price would be easy to buy for 350,000 yen.

2. Explorer

It is here to introduce next. The type is Explorer 114270. This type of design is also summarized in Silver. However, the color of the dial is different from the first introduced watch. While the first dial introduced was Silver, this dial is black. Recommended for those who want to make cool decisions. It is easy to use this design, at work, or at the Plat ebate. The price is 480,000 yen and the price is slightly higher than before, but it is affordable.

3. Air King

The third watch to introduce is the kind of Air King 5500. The color and color of the watch introduced here are the same and unified with Silver, but the design of the dial and the band are different. Compared to the first, this band looks wider and simpler. Another difference is the price. This product is 300,000 yen while the first one is 350,000 yen. There is a slight difference, but it is very affordable.

4. Precision

The fourth watch is the kind of Precision 3410. This is a big difference in design from the three introduced so far, the dial is gold and the band is black. This watch has an adult-like luxury feeling by using two colors of gold and black. It is a design that the sex appeal is further increased when an adult man puts it. You can also feel the luxury of ROLEX. The price to be worried about is 300,000 yen and it is a reasonable price with a very high-class feeling.

5. Perpetual Date

The last watch to introduce is the type of perpetual date 69160. This design is also unified in Silver. What is different is the design of the numbers on the dial. There is also a meter that displays a larger number of days than the one introduced so far. It's easy to use because it's an adult, but it's good for an adult-like Silver, but it's recommended for those who like a different design from others. This price is the lowest price of 280,000 yen among the five watches introduced so far. It is a great deal of value to be able to buy ROLEX watches at this price, so it might be a good idea to give them a present for yourself or someone else.

Take this opportunity to buy your ROLEX watch. It will surely be your favorite watch.