Brand Bargains

  • For 18 years, there was a magazine that garnered support from people who liked brand products due to tremendous trust and security in Japan.
    That is the monthly magazine "Brand Bargain" that was released by the Banka group.

    This shopping mall opens in 2015 as the official website of "Brand Bargain".
    In October 2016, we received renewed opening as a world wide shopping site to deliver the products of "Used in Japan" to all customers who love brand-name products in response to demand for online sales around the world.

  • Japanese branded goods specialty stores gather!

    In brand bargains, we also have popular shops in Japan.
    To allow customers to shop with confidence, our staff has carefully selected stores to open stores.
    We will continue to increase the number of stores in the future, so please look forward to it!

  • We will not sell fake brand products so that customers can purchase with confidence.

    At Brand Bargain, we set the following criteria and restrict store opening so that shops dealing fake brand products will not open.
    In addition, we check at fake brands not to circle even after opening stores.

  • === Standard of opening stores ===

    ○We are limited to shops that continue to sell brands, wrist watches etc. for more than 1 year.
    ○We are checking the location of real stores or operating companies.
    ○We have confirmed the presence or absence of antiquary market permits.
    ○I have signed a contract with a document stating "I will not handle fakes".

  • === What we are doing to stores after opening a store ===

    ○Our advisor regularly visits stores. Support for product exhibition, I follow you to satisfy our customers.
    ○It checks whether there is a problem with the image or information of the item being exhibited.

  • We are introducing a system that can be purchased by people other than ourselves as a counterfeit use of a malicious credit card.

    On this site, you can order only with cards through credit card security function (3D secure) (However, credit cards made by each credit card company before 3D secure introduction can be purchased.)
    VISA · JCB · MasterCard has a security function called "3D secure". This function is a mechanism by which a person other than the principal can not use the card illegally by setting a password that only the original person knows.

    I think that some people do not know, but when issuing a credit card, it is necessary to set it in person. Depending on the time of issuance, there is a high possibility that 3D secured introduction to cards issued in recent years has been introduced.

    We handle highly priced brand items · wrist watches, we have adopted a system that can not purchase unfairly, so you can choose payment with credit card with confidence.

    For details on '3D Secure', please see the following page.

  • Services that we do overseas customers

    1. 1. We have our own translation function. Because it corresponds to 60 languages, it is possible to find products in familiar language.

    2. 2. The item price is the sum of "item price + postage / transport insurance fee" is displayed.
      We do not charge brand bargains over the displayed price.
      * However, customs duty generated by the shipping destination country is not included. A separate customs duty is required.

    3. 3. In addition to credit card, PayPal · UnionPay · ALIPAY, it corresponds to various settlement.

    4. 4. We will ship the items you purchase after we inspect the product information for differences in our product information.
      In the unlikely event that fraudulent merchandise is found in the product contents, we will respond to refunds after suspension of shipment to customers.

    5. 5. We can not respond to overseas customers at each store.
      However, because there is a translation staff at the brand bargain, the brand bargain will answer questions and doubts about the product. Please contact me from e-mail or the following inquiries.

    6. 6. Reliable return policy
      All tags ordered by Bran Bargain have a tag and a sticker.
      If this tag and seal are in the same state as shipping, we will accept returns.
      However, since the return period is two weeks since the item arrives, please contact us as soon as possible.
      * When sending to overseas, we confirm the product and ship it after taking a picture. Returned item is
      When judging that it is not all the original packing state (product state, document, warranty card, manual, accessory etc.)
      Please acknowledge that we may not accept returns.

    7. 7. Estimated until arrival
      From 4th to 12th we have become a guide after confirming inventory of goods.
      Because it will be shipped from Japan, there are errors depending on the country and region of your residence.
      Also, as there is a possibility that troubles etc. will occur at the time of shipment, it will be a guide only.

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