Please come to our watch shop "Clonne" at Omotesando Minami Aoyama.

A place where you can feel the flow of people in Omotesando gently, Minami Aoyama.
In the corner, Minami Aoyama Collezione 1F, watch select salon "Clonne" prepares a relaxing space, an experienced watch concierge waits for you coming with a genuine selection from all over the world I am writing to you.

At our shop, we are repairing and buying watches along with sales of watches.
With a certain appraisal unique to the watch specialist shop, we will keep customers' watches high.
We do total support of important watches such as watch overhaul, battery exchange, order belt order etc.

By all means, please do not hesitate to drop in.

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Product list of this shop

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