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Monogram Pumpkin Dots  モノグラム・パンプキン ドット
Monogram Pumpkin Dots Monogram Pumpkin Dots
The 2012 Fall Winter Collection Line for the second collaboration with Yayoi Kusama. Monogram canvas, polka dots appeared in three lines designed the motif of "wave" "pumpkin dot" "town". We talked about it with a playful and fashionable design.

Monogram Denim  モノグラム・デニム ライン
Monogram Denim Monogram Denim Line
Denim with monogram pattern. Using carefully selected high-quality cotton, the jacquard weave with great detail keeps the softness and durability, and the unique texture and vintage feel are produced by bleach and stone wash processing.

Cosmic Blossom  コスミック・ブラッサム ライン
Cosmic Blossom Cosmic Blossom Line
A line created in collaboration with the artist, Takashi Murakami. A fine flower pattern with a smiling expression by a unique silk screen print has a large impact. Color is blue, rose, three colors of viole.

Monogram Graffiti  モノグラム・グラフィティ ライン
Monogram Graffiti Monogram Graffiti Line
2009 year collection model. As a collaboration model with Steven Su Platus, three colors appear as new colors from Monogram Graffiti announced in 2001. The graffiti (draft) design drawn on the entire monogram is fashionable.

Monogramouflage  モノグラモフラージュ・ライン
Monogramouflage Monogramouflage Line
A collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami, a monogram mauve line that expresses the monogram canvas with a new design. Even in the same line, there are those in which the surface of the material is resin-processed and those in which the canvas remains.

Monogram Mini Lin croisette  モノグラム・ミニ・ラン クロワゼット ライン
Monogram Mini Lin croisette Monogram Mini-Lan Croisette Line
From the cruise line in 2008, the evolution line of "Monogram Mini-Run" appeared. The point is the traditional striped design that was previously used for the interior of the LOUIS VUITTON hard trunk. The canvas material and the refreshing color are also attractive. Two color development of blue and rouge.

Monogram Rubis  モノグラム・ルビー ライン
Monogram Rubis Monogram Ruby Line
Appeared gorgeously from the 2008 cruise line. A unique design in which red patent leather and nume leather are intricately woven like ruby ​​on popular monogram canvas. Attractive color and calm stylish atmosphere.

Monogram Dentelle  モノグラム・ダンテェル ライン
Monogram Dentelle Monogram Danteelle Line
Spring-Summer 2007 collection model. Dantelle is the meaning of a race in French. Design with lace embroidery and silk screen printed on monogram canvas. Color is all, two colors of Arjun develop.

Monogram Groom  モノグラム・グルーム ライン
Monogram Groom Monogram Groom Line
Appeared in the Fall-Winter 2006-2007 collection. Based on monogram canvas, it features bright stripes and bellboy print. Groom is the meaning of Bellboy in French. This character was born in 1921 and was used for advertisement of LOUIS VUITTON.

Monogram Perfo  モノグラム・ペルフォ ライン
Monogram Perfo Monogram Perfo Line
Spring-Summer 2006 collection model. Round-shaped punching is applied to the ever-popular monogram canvas, from which the design of the vivid color lining is novel. Color is three colors of fuchsia, orange, vert.

Monogram Satin Multicolore  モノグラム・マルチカラー・サテン ライン
Monogram Satin Multicolore Monogram Multicolor Satin Line
Shiny texture design that added new Satin to multi-color as new material in 2004, monogram, multi-color, Satin line. There are two colors, black and white.

Monogram Mini  モノグラム・ミニ ライン
Monogram Mini Monogram Mini Line
A canvas with a reduced monogram. Appeared in 2000 limited production. In addition to popular three colors added in 2003, new colors rose (strawberry) and veil (almond green) appeared on the cruise line in 2004.

Cabas Monogram Ambre  カバ・アンブル ライン
Cabas Monogram Ambre Hippo Ambre Line
The hippo amble series which designed the monogram of a classic on the cool transparent Plastics material which appeared in the cruise collection in 2003. Deployed in three sizes that can be selected according to the application.

Cuir Monogram Glace  モノグラム・グラセ ライン
Cuir Monogram Glace Monogram Grasse Line
The monogram glaze is the impression of the monogram pattern on the fine Calfskin skin. I get a cool impression of shiny gloss. A line made for men with a modern taste.

Monogram Mini Glace  モノグラム・ミニ・グラセ ライン
Monogram Mini Glace Monogram Mini Grasse Line
A line that appeared in the Fall-Winter 2001-2002 collection. It produces cool with a black leather that emits a matte gloss monogram mini that was a cute image.

Tweedy  ツイーディー
The 2003-2004 Fall / Winter line combines monograms, plastics and high-end tweed. A limited edition of 1000 collectors items, each with a serial number.

Aileurs  アイオール・ライン
Aileurs Eyeall Line
2011 beach collection. Ayol means "overseas, other places" in French. It features a silk screen print with a watercolor touch. Escal, Avantur, promenade 3pattern deployment.

Toile Monogram Bequia  モノグラム・ベキア ライン
Toile Monogram Bequia Monogram Bequia Line
Appeared from the Fall-Winter 2007-2008 collection. Men's line born from the fusion of practicality and masculinity. The point is stylish design that can be used casually of course. Two color development of Bordeaux and anthracite.

Monogram Charm  モノグラム・チャーム ライン
Monogram Charm Monogram Charm Line
Spring-Summer 2006 collection model. Monogram charm designed with gold blur rubbed motif. Plastics coated silks Calfskin with leather trimmings. Color is three colors of fuchsia, bron, tope.

Conte de Fees  コント・ドゥ・フェ ライン
Conte de Fees
Control du feh using materials such as Damier and Epi as appliques. Collaborate with illustrator Julie Verhuven. 2002 only.

Cuir Damier Glace  ダミエ・グラセ ライン
Cuir Damier Glace Damier Grasse Line
Damier Grasse embossed with Damier pattern on Calfskin skin. We developed original design and coloring that made use of matte gloss that added coating.

Monogram Dots Infinity  モノグラム・ドット インフィニティ
Monogram Dots Infinity Monogram Dot Infinity
A collection line created in 2012 by the creative collaboration of Marc Jacobs and artist Yayoi Kusama. A gem designed with a polka-dot pattern, which is synonymous with Yayoi Kusama, in Vernis ・ line embossed with the LV logo.

Cuir Nomade  ノマド・ライン
Cuir Nomade Nomade Line
Use carefully selected leather without any scratches on the surface for a special-purpose travel bag. This material is tanned with plant tannins, and it is attractive that the elegant texture is born anew as time goes by.

Collection Plage  SS09 ビーチ
Collection Plage Stainless Steel09 Beach
2009 beach collection. The model which printed the monogram pattern on four color canvases. The design is full of casual feeling like a beach model. The bottom of the bag is subjected to Pleat processing, and the whole is finished in a soft form.

Dalmatien  ダルメシアン
Dalmatien Dalmatian
A 2003-2004 Fall / Winter collection printed with a popular Dalmatian pattern by Harako and combined with black multicolor. Items include Sac Dalmatian and Pochette Dalmatian.

Monogram Cherry Blossom Satin  モノグラム・チェリーブラッサム・サテン ライン
Monogram Cherry Blossom Satin Monogram Cherry Blossom Satin Line
Monogram, cherry blossom, and satin of Murakami Takashi collaboration line announced at the spring and summer collection of 2003. A luxury design that attracts cherry blossoms to the highest grade Satin. Two color development of Maron and Rose.

Monogram Satin  モノグラム・サテン ライン
Monogram Satin Monogram Satin Line
A luxurious material with a monogram pattern interwoven with a jacquard on the beautiful Satin ground with a sense of elegance. The initial appearance was chic color such as beige to black, then red is added. It has been revived as a limited item in 2007.

Epi Soft  エピ・ソフト ライン
Epi Soft Epi Soft Line
Epi line made of soft and durable soft leather. Other than the new model born from the pose of yoga, a standard model was newly announced.

Monogram Mini Lin  モノグラム・ミニ・ラン ライン
Monogram Mini Lin Monogram Mini Line
A model that began with the 2006 Cruise Collection. The canvas which used the monogram mini which woven hemp in cotton material is attractive. Because it is strong and lightweight, it is perfect for daily use. Color development is Ebene, two colors of Plat Tine.

Monogram Roses  モノグラム・ローズ ライン
Monogram Roses Monogram Roses Line
2009 year collection model. A model inspired by the work of American artist Steven S. Platus. A bold and elegant design with a dynamic rose picture printed on a classic monogram canvas.

Monogramouflage Denim  モノグラモフラージュ・デニム ライン
Monogramouflage Denim Monogramouflage Denim Line
A monogramophile denim line in which a monogram motif appears in the camouflage pattern in collaboration with Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami. The denim material makes the camouflage outline blurry.

That’s Love  ザッツ・ラブ ライン
That's Love That's Love Line
Appeared as a Spring-Summer 2007 collection model, in which the letters of "LOVE" are expressed by embroidery by Lusaj on canvas. There are also items in which the letters "LOVE" are drawn with glossy Plastics material.

Onatah Cuir  オナタ・キュイール ライン
Onathah Cuir Onata ・ Quail line
Designed by Marc Jacobs, the Onata Courier uses a very soft Calfskin and has a monogram pattern with as many as 19,000 perforations in a special process. The rounded form is also attractive.

Monogram Mirage  モノグラム・ミラージュ ライン
Monogram Mirage Monogram Mirage Line
Appeared from the Fall-Winter 2007-2008 collection. A design inspired by Marc Jacobs from Dutch painter Vermeer. It features a monogram canvas gradient. Two color development of Bordeaux and Noir.

Monogram Denim Patchwork  モノグラム・デニム・パッチワーク ライン
Monogram Denim Patchwork Monogram Denim Patchwork Line
Spring-Summer 2007 collection model. A fancy design with several types of patchwork on vintage processed denim. The lining is made of a flower pattern fabric in a stylish, casual atmosphere. Color is blue, two colors development of muris.

Monogram Denim Raye  モノグラム・デニム・レイエ ライン
Monogram Denim Raye Monogram Denim Raye Line
Appeared in the 2007 Cruise Collection. Striped bleach is boldly applied based on high-quality denim material processed vintage. The item features "LV TRUNKS & BAGS" logo stamp.

Monogram Suede  モノグラム・スエード ライン
Monogram Suede Monogram Suede Line
A model where the idea of ​​Marc Jacobs who expressed the monogram with perforations shines. Sophisticated bag using high-quality supple suede is bright and gorgeous impression. As for color development, cacao is also present in addition to Myth and Aragosta.

Tahitiennes  タイシエンヌ・ライン
Tahitiennes Taicienne Rein
Spring-Summer 2008 model. It features a handwriting-like monogram pattern designed based on the cover of a catalog published in 1924. The wonderful monogram pattern that the resort material can be tasted on canvas material is に も on the beach, and it is a perfect line for summer.

Toile Trianon  トアル・トリアノン ライン
Toile Trianon Toal Trianon Line
The line was born as an o-Mage to the history and tradition of LOUIS VUITTON. LOUIS VUITTON Based on the canvas used for the trunk of the initial period, it is trimmed with Suhari leather and finished in a casual yet elegant and modern functional line.

Cuir Monogram Mat  モノグラム・マット ライン
Cuir Monogram Mat monogram mat line
Monogram mat inspired by Vernis Line, with more urban essence. Metallic processing is applied to the embossed leather to produce subtle shades. Four colors of Noir, Blue, Viole and Ambre.

Damier Sauvage  ダミエ・ソバージュ ライン
Damier Sauvage Damier Sauvage Line
A warm line with a Damier pattern on Harako. The item is designed with a set of cubes with metal LV logo.

Epi Metal  エピ・メタル ライン
Epi Metal Epi Metal Line
Line that finished high-quality leather selected carefully in Gold & Silver metallic by peculiar tanning process and technology. Gorgeous finish with a solid grain pattern of epi.

Cuir Suhari  スハリ・ライン
Cuir Suhari Suhari Line
Suhari line that appeared in 2003 using a new material carefully given the grain (embossed) fine grain leather rare and expensive. The stylish couture-shaped form is attractive regardless of fashion and season.

Epi Strech  エピ・ストレッチ ライン
Epi Strech Epi Stretch Line
Epi series epi stretch lines. Joint the epi material cut in the square with the stretch material. The red part of the joint part made use of small tricks, which are visible and hidden by the amount of things put in.

Epi Plage  エピ・プラージュ ライン
Epi Plage Epi-Platge Line
The design of the grain (embossed) used in the epi-line on a transparent plastic material is fresh. The cool and refreshing atmosphere is perfect for a resort or beach bag.

Eye Love Monogram  アイ・ラブ・モノグラム ライン
Eye Love Monogram Eye Love Monogram Line
A collaboration model between Takashi Murakami and Marc Jacobs, a Japanese artist announced at the Spring / Summer 2003 collection. The feature of the representative symbol of Murakami Takashi and the monogram are combined.

Monogram Cherry Blossom   モノグラム・チェリーブロッサム ライン
Monogram Cherry Blossom Monogram Cherry Blossom Line
A combination of smiling cherry blossoms and smiling smiles, screen printed on a monogram canvas, monogram cherry bloat Sam. Takashi Murakami collaboration line in spring and summer 2003.

Monogram Graffiti & Graffiti  モノグラム・グラフィティ ライン & グラフィティ ライン
Monogram Graffiti & Graffiti Monogram Graffiti Line & Graffiti Line
A novel design with a graffiti logo printed on a traditional monogram. There is also a line based on two leathers dyed in matte white. A line limited to spring and summer 2001.

Monogram Shine  モノグラム・シャイン ライン
Monogram Shine Monogram Shine Line
Elegant monogram shine that appeared as a bag that suits the party style. I draw a monogram motif and a flower on the material using the back of Satin ground.

Monogram Metal  モノグラム・メタル ライン
Monogram Metal Monogram Metal Line
Monogram metal used only for party style bags. Silver metal monograms clasped on Calfskin with a sense of luxury that feels moist and soft.

Monogram Mesh  モノグラム・メッシュ ライン
Monogram Mesh monogram mesh line
Monogram mesh with bright sequin-like brilliance that monogram pattern emerges. Black x Silver and Maron x Dore 2 colors. Fall 2002 only.

Monogram Black  モノグラム・ブラック ライン
Monogram Black Monogram Black Line
Monogram black line that appeared in the spring and summer 2002 cruise line. The soothing glossy black leather can enjoy the fine texture.

Monogram Surya  スーリヤ・ ライン
Monogram Surya Surya Line
Appeared in 2008. Surya Line created with inspiration from Hindu sun god Surya. The glossy, patented Calfskin leather with a monogram percolated design is attractive.

Monogram Chicago  シカゴ ライン
Monogram Chicago Si Straw Bag Line
Men's line of 2008 appearance. It is characterized by using carefully selected high quality Nappa and Calfskin leather. The signature of "Louis Vuitton" is expressed in perforations. Currently, the product development is only wallet and card case.

Monogram Miroir  モノグラム・ミロワール ライン
Monogram Miroir Monogram Miroir Line
Appeared in the Fall-Winter 2006-2007 collection model. A model created by embossing a monogram pattern on an innovative Plastics material that shines like a mirror. Very gorgeous and novel. Design that can be said to be the most advanced mode is the point. Color is two colors development of Dore and Argentine.

Monogram Shimmer  モノグラム・シマー ライン
Monogram Shimmer Monogram Shimmer Line
Fall / Winter 2008 Women's Collection Model. The point is a material with soft texture and elegant and gorgeous brilliance, in which the monogram is embossed on the metallic Calfskin skin with emboss. Two color developments of Pesh and Argentine.

Monogram Watercolor  モノグラム・ウォーターカラー ライン
Monogram Watercolor Monogram Watercolor Line
Spring-Summer 2008 collection model. A line created by the collaboration with American artist Richard Prince, which mixes 17 base colors and blurs like a watercolor monogram pattern. Two color development of Maron and Bron.

Monogram Olympe  モノグラム・オランプ ライン
Monogram Olympe Monogram Orump Line
Appeared as a spring-summer 2007 collection model. It features a high quality and flexible lambskin with a unique embossed processing and a monogram pattern embroidery. Elegant and stylish design points. "Olump" means "Olympia" in English.

Toile Antigua  アンティグア・ライン
Toile Antigua Antigua Line
The "Antigua" made of cotton canvas, which appeared in 2005, combines durability and suppleness, creating a chic and casual atmosphere. Navy Stripe was added in 2007.

Monogram Laser  モノグラム・レザー ライン
Monogram Laser Monogram Leather Line
LOUIS VUITTON's first soft leather material that appeared in 2002. The line is men's and women's, and the monogram motif is silk-screen printed on the surface.

Cuir Damier Vernis  ダミエ・ヴェルニ ライン
Cuir Damier Vernis Damier Vernis Line
Damier Vernis line with shimmering enamel and Damier pattern. Three chic colors are available, and a large number of items likely to be active in the party scene have appeared.

Sac Bicolore  サック・ビコロール ライン
Sac Bicolore Sac ・ Bicorole Line
Sac and Bicoror line using thin and soft Calfskin. There are a total of five items in two colors as the Bicorole name means "2", and you can make a choice according to your preference.

Damier Geant  ダミエ・ジェアン ライン
Damier Geant Damier Jeanne Line
Damier-Jean line using reinforced fiber, the latest material of LOUIS VUITTON, which appeared in March 2004. There will be a practical bag for business, travel and leisure. Noir, tail, blue ASEAN three color development.