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Monate double blur Rubbed t 33322 Total length: 35 cmdrop: 15.3 cm Width: 1.1 cm Motif Diameter: 1.9 cm bracelet Leather × 925 silver Women

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Item Number:73-g05-51794
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Description of item

It is a Monate Tebur Rubbed t of Bulgari. Excellent combination of coin motif hardware and black leather. It is a stylish double leather buff Rubbed-t that uses double winding, and is also a perfect item for layering with watches and other accessories. Bulgari was founded in 1884. For over a century, Bulgari has been an indicator of Italian style in jewelry. While adding the delicate and beautiful touch unique to Bulgari, the creative spirit pulls out the inspiration of timeless "beauty" that Greek and Roman art possess. The bold combination, the outstanding design and the thorough attention to detail attracts people all over the world. Indeed, it is one of the few brands that has the ultimate expression of style and beauty


category bracelet
typeMonate double blur Rubbed t
Notation colorBlack x Pink x SilverHardware
Material Leather × 925 silver
Mark sizeTotal length: 35 cmdrop: 15.3 cm Width: 1.1 cm Motif Diameter: 1.9 cm
Model number33322
accessories Storage box, guarantee card


Second-hand goods   A About rank
Condition details -Motif, there is a small scratch on the leather but it is inconspicuous in the whole, no problem in use.

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