Marine chronograph 5827 BA / 12/5 ZU Watches mens

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category Watches
typeMarine chronograph
Notation colorSilver
adjustable bracelet19.5 cm
Case Length42mm
Case length42mm
Display TypeAnalog display
MovementMechanical Automatic
Dial colorSilver
Model number5827BA/12/5ZU


Second-hand goods   A About rank
Condition details The draft shield is in a very beautiful state with no noteworthy damage. Needle, index is a very beautiful state with no pain to worry about. Although a few abrasions can be seen in the case, it is in a beautiful state. The belt has some breaks due to aged deterioration of the rubber. Although buckle can see some abrasion, it is in a beautiful state. Although there are some feeling of use on the whole, you can patronize it for a long time as a beauty second hand.

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