Retro fantasy G 3499.7 Watches Stainless Steel YG Women

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It is retro fantasy from popular Gerald Genta. Designed Disney's popular Minnie mouse on the face, and furthermore using White Shell, it has become a cute impression. The short hands and long hands have become arms, very recommended watches like Disney's favorite! Because this is a popular watch, it is a product that will sell quickly.


category Watches
brandGerald Genta
typeRetro fantasy
Notation colorSilver
Material Stainless Steel , YG
adjustable bracelet17 cm
Case Length24mm
Case length24mm
Display TypeAnalog display
Dial colorWhite shell
Model numberG3499.7
Serial Number70***
accessories None


Second-hand goods   AB About rank
Condition details There are no noticeable scratches and stains in the windshield, very beautiful state, there is no problem with visibility. Needles and indexes can see some minor stain due to aged deterioration, but there are no conspicuous scratches and stains, and it is about no trouble in everyday use. Although the case is a thin use rubbing scratch, a fine breaking point small wound can be seen, there are not conspicuous big scratches and Stain, it is still in a state you can use. The belt rubs slightly at the edge part, minor stain on the reverse side, some use distortion of the belt can be seen, but there are no conspicuous big scratches and Stain, the buckle is thin Used rubbing scratches, small scratches are seen However, there are no conspicuous big scratches or stains, and there is no hindrance to everyday use. Overall thin use rubbing scratches, striking small scratches can be seen, but there are not conspicuous big scratches and stains, it is the second-hand clock of the state that you can still use.

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