Five time zone JC - 95 DAD Watches Stainless Steel mens

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Description of item

There is a presence in a gorgeous design that also fits the party scene.


category Watches
typeFive time zone
Notation colorblack
Material Stainless Steel
adjustable bracelet19 cm
Case Length47mm
Case length47mm
Display TypeAnalog display
Dial colorcarbon
Model numberJC-95DAD
accessories None


Second-hand goods   A About rank
Condition details Although there are some abrasions accompanying use of the windshield, it is in a beautiful state. Needle, index is a very beautiful state with no pain to worry about. Although Bezel has some scratches accompanying use, it is in a beautiful state. The case has some scratches accompanying use. Belt has rubbing with use. The buckle has rubbing with use. Although there are some feeling of use on the whole, it is the Onza い ま す that you can patronize still more.

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