Gucci Shima232957 Tote Bag leather leather Women

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Description of item

It is a popular item that sells quickly in classic design.


category Tote Bag
modelGucci Shima
Notation colorblack
Material leather leather
width36 cm
Height23 cm
Depth9.5 cm
handle43 cm
Model number232957
accessories None


Second-hand goods   B About rank
Condition details Although appearance can be seen some rubbing and discolors etc. of rubbing part, it is still possible to use it. Although the steering wheel can be seen cracked and rubbing of the coating part somewhat, you can use it still more. Inside there are some feeling of use, but it is in a relatively beautiful state. Although some rubbing etc. can be seen in Hardware, it is in a relatively beautiful state. Although there is some feeling of use on the whole, it is a commodity that you can patronize still more.

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