AlmaM51130 Handbag Monogram canvas leather Nume Women

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Item Number:126-907032xa
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Description of item

Because it is simple, it can be used for commuting and going to school. From LOUIS VUITTON, popular classic Alma arrived. It is popular as back which is not too big, too small, usability is very good. Formal and everyday use, you can use it in any scene.


category Handbag
Notation colorMonogram
Material Monogram canvas leather Nume
Depth16 cm
handle25 cm
Model numberM51130
Serial NumberBA0936
accessories None


Second-hand goods   C About rank
Condition details The appearance is scratches on the edge part, the burning of the leather Nume, the StainsStain of the bottom part can be seen, but it is about no problem. Overall rubbing scratches, rubbing marks, Stain can be seen in the handle. Inside there are rubbing marks, minor stain, pen marks are seen. Hardware has scratches, Somberness, rust, Discolors. Overall rubbing scratches, rubbing marks, Stain can be seen, but it is a used item bag with no problems in use. A

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