Mini · Lanmann MM M95619 Handbag Monogram · Mini · Run Canvas Women

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Item Number:126-906545mo
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Description of item

Because it is simple, it can be used for commuting and going to school. "Manon MM" which was supposedly named after being inspired by famous French writer Marcel Paniol 's famous novel, "Fountain of Manon". Louis Vuitton 's elegance is a gem that you can bring even casually in a canvas.


category Handbag
typeMini · Lanmann MM
Notation colorEbene
Material Monogram · Mini · Run Canvas
width41 cm
Height27 cm
Shoulder37 - 39 cm
Model numberM95619
Serial Number確認不可
accessories None


Second-hand goods   B About rank
Condition details Although the appearance generally has a feeling of use, a rubbing scar on the edge part, Discolors, and Yore are seen, it is still in a state you can use. Shoulder is used as a whole, rubbing scratches, scratches on the hardware, yore at storage can be seen, but it does not interfere with everyday use. Inside, there are some feeling of use, minor stain, but there are no conspicuous scratches and stains / stains, and it does not interfere with everyday use. ※

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