N41533 Handbag Damier Azur Canvas Damier Azur Women

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Item Number:72-8H0037AGS5
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category Handbag
lineDamier Azur
Material Damier Azur Canvas
Country of originFrance
width30 cm
height21 cm
Depth17 cm
handle25 cm
Model numberN41533
Serial numberDU2018
Production year2008Year
Inside pocket Open pocketx1
Color white


Second-hand goods   B About rank
Condition details SStain / Scratch / Rubbed is a little on the whole. R Rubbed a little on the corner. 日 焼 け a little sunburn on leather Nume. SStain / Rubbed is a little on the handle. SStainsStain is a little inside. R Rubbed in the inner pocket / float / peeling a little. Hardware There is a little Rubbed / plating peeling in Hardware.

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