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200649A-88 W (width) 10.7 cm / H (high) 14.8 cm / D (thickness) 1 cm Note cover silk Silk x paper unisex

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Item Number:56-081118012
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Description of item

It is introduction of silk notebook which is most suitable for present than Hermes. Silks Calfskin It is an elegant and luxurious design with a stiff cover. It's a plain note, so you can use it in diaries, notepads and more. It is also a nice point that the strap with the same material as the cover is attached. Because the appearance of the pattern is different depending on the cutting point, it will be one point. This product is "unused", so you can consider with confidence. Reference Price: 14,040 yen Model No .: 200649A-88 Serial:-Color: Blue Size: W (Width) 10.7 cm / H (High) 14.8 cm / D (Thick) 1 cm Material: Silk x Paper Accessories: Box, tag, shop card product rank: S (display unused goods) remarks:


category Note cover
Notation colorBlue
Material silk Silk x paper
Mark sizeW (width) 10.7 cm / H (high) 14.8 cm / D (thickness) 1 cm
Model number200649A-88
Serial number-
accessories Box, tag, shop card product


Second-hand goods   S About rank
Condition details We have stated that there is no gap in the sense with the customer, but please understand that the "color, texture, damage etc." of the actual product may be slightly different. Management number: 081118012

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