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Miu Miu was born in 1992 as the second line of PRADA.
The adorable sounding brand name is the grandson of the founder of PRADA, Mario PRADA, and is named after the childhood nickname of the current designer Miuccia PRADA.
While incorporating a girl-like neat and pure atmosphere, it is an attractive brand that has a stylish finish.
A feminine casual style that uses high quality and natural materials and casually incorporates elements such as the cuteness and sweetness of a girl's spirit, which brings out the cute part of an adult woman beautifully, "for casual coordination. It has a reputation as a brand that can be incorporated.
In order to target a wider range of generations, the design ahead of the trend more often than PRADA has more fans for young people, as well as wear and bags, as well as shoes such as sandals and pumps, wallets, sunglasses, small items such as headbands The various items presented in the collection are always pegging the eyes of women around the world.