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In 1945, a female businessman Celine Vipiana started herself from a kids shoes specialty shop with her husband, Richard Paris's clothing brand.
In 1959, a women's moccasin "Inka" with harness's Hardware decor was a huge hit.
In 1965, he entered into a bag with perfume and Calfskin, 1966 and started a pret - a - porter in 1967.
Along with the start of the bag, it gained popularity with the pattern of a horse-drawn carriage which is the current Celine's motif, a bag of buckle "Saruki" and a harness's Hardware motif and gained popularity among the top brands.
Although it was not a haute couture Maison, its elegance gathered support for the Paris high class.
In 1987, Bernard Arnaud led Financier Agassh acquired Celine.
In 1996, the agency manager who was agaeche moved to LVME, and became under the umbrella of Moet · Hennessy · LOUIS VUITTON.
In 2008, Phoebe Phillo, who also worked as a creative director of Chloe, became the creative designer and continues to provide items that are also popular in Japan.