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It was the beginning of the 1910 when Gabriel Chanel opened a hat shop on Cambon Street in Paris.
We gradually expanded the items handled from the hat to the clothes. Her landmarks include incorporating jersey material used in men's underwear, using tweed for men's suits for women's suits, and incorporating pants in women's clothes for which skirts were mainstream Activities have shocked the fashion industry of that time.
In addition, she had both good looks and charisma, and she became a brand icon by herself and is famous for having made the brand called Chanel known to the world.
Along with an attitude of boldly thyme to a new thing, it can be said that the upbeat way of life that was a lover woman also adds flowers as a brand attraction.
Such Chanel is also a founder, and after she dies, it is somewhat sluggish. It was Carl Lagerfeld who took office as a designer in 1983.
The design which caught his trend sensitively has fascinated a wide generation of women until now.