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In 1921 Gucci Gucci quickly became popular with items using high quality leather, including leather products shops handling luggage bags in Florence.
After that, we announced innovative items such as bamboo handle, double G with our own initials, moccasin with metal bit, and gather the attention of people all over the world.
Support from celebrities such as actress Audrey Hepburn and Queen Monaco Grace Kelly is also high, Gucci will firmly position itself as a world-class luxury brand.
However, in the 1980 's, there was an intergenerational fight over the relatives' brand management, the brand' s momentum was also dragged down suddenly, and it was driven to the point of bankruptcy.
Tam Ford was appointed as a designer, renewing the management team to manage the brand somehow.
All of the collections he released were very popular and reminiscent of Gucci 's heyday period.
Frida · Giannini now serves as a creative designer and has made a new Gucci woman statue and gained popularity.