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Hermes, which was a high-end harness workshop that will be used by Napoleon III for the first time, will be involved in the manufacture and sale of bags and wallets with the age of change that cars became the legend of ordinary people.
Morris of the 3rd generation president, who changed the direction of this bold business. Later on we announced watches and scarfs, and expanded the width of Hermes widely.
In the age of Robert 4, he named "Sak A Croix" bag named "Kelly" after the name of Queen Monaco.
This will help Hermes set the image of "a longing brand" to women all over the world. In the era of Jean Rui of the fifth generation, "Birkin" was announced.
In the 150th anniversary, a ceremony was held wrapping around the entire city of Paris, proving that Hermes is not only a company but also a representative culture of France.
In the late 1990s, we announced a canvas bag and succeeded in bringing familiarity to high-end.
Hermes is loved by simple design and brand name with universality, but in reality it keeps its brand image by keeping changing according to the times.