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Hermes, a former high-end harness designer for Napoleon III, began manufacturing and selling bags and wallets in the era of transformation when cars became the foot of ordinary people.
Maurits, the third generation president, made a bold turn in the direction of the business. Later we announced the clock and the calendar Calfskin, and expanded the width of Hermes greatly.
During the 4th generation of Robert, he named the bag "Sac a Cloa" "Kelly" after the name of Queen Monaco.
In this way, Hermes will establish the image of “a yearning brand” to women around the world. In the fifth generation Jean-Louis era, "Berkin" announced.
On the 150th anniversary, a ceremony was held covering the entire city of Paris, demonstrating that Hermes is not only a company but also a culture that represents France.
In the late 90's, they announced canvas bags and succeeded in getting familiar with luxury.
Hermes is loved by its simple design and branding with universality, but in fact it keeps its brand image by continuing to change with the times.